What is Coaching?

Unlike a consultant or mentor, coaches do not give advice or tell you what to do, nor do they delve into the past and deal with emotional issues as a counsellor or therapist or counsellor does.  Coaching is about helping people tap into their own resources and ideas to help them move forward. Coaches champion the belief that each individual person is unique and has the potential to achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions!

Coaching also helps you overcome limiting beliefs, some of which you may have carried around with you since childhood, enabling you to break free and achieve your full potential.

How Does Coaching Work?

A coaching session will last 45 mins to 1 hr on the telephone or face-to-face. As few as three coaching sessions can make a significant difference and start you on the path to achieving your full potential!

Using a range of coaching tools and techniques, a coach asks you questions that will challenge you and make you think outside of the box in a way you haven’t before.  They can help you find clarity and solutions in line with your own personal values, preferences, motivations and aspirations. This is something our colleagues, peers, friends and family don’t necessarily do, and something which is hard for us to do ourselves.

A coach will not give you advice or solutions, but will use questioning techniques and coaching tools to help you explore your own situation, your goals, your motivators, your values, your desires and things that might be holding you back. You will remain in control of what you are being coached upon and for the solutions at all times. The focus always is on what you think and experience. It is not about what the coach thinks, it is all about you. A coach can help you uncover details, but only you can generate the perfect solutions for your own personal situation.

Working with a coach enables you to explore your untapped ideas and resources to help you make progress in the areas of your life that you seem to always get stuck or can’t see the wood for the trees.

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“Great discoveries and achievements invariably involve the co-operation of many minds.”
~ Alexander Graham Bell ~